About Efinanci

A core banking and financial information management application that manages SACCO's, MFI's, Investment Clubs and Money Lenders

Efinanci is a cloud based fast, safe and reliable application that can be accessed across anytime any where by authorized users on any device with internet access.  It is of great help to smoothen operations whether you are a SACCO, an Investment Club, a Lending company or you are part of a savings group, it will help help with the automation of your services.

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Efinanci is a product of GMT Consults Ltd a Technology consulting firm developing software applications. Among other application developed and operated by GMT are SENTEPAY, VEKTA, BONDSTOCK

A few of highlights efinanci can offer you

  • Member Management by capturing all required details about a member
  • Create savings accounts for individual members and groups
  • Withdraws and deposits by authorized staff
  • Deposit using mobile money system
  • Savings and statements trucking by members in the members’ portal
  • Creation of multiple loan products (Emergency Loans, School Fees Loans, Business Loans)

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