Main Features

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  • Savings products (e.g Regular Savings, Fixed Deposits, Junior Accounts, e.t.c)
  • Creates automatic custom savings accounts
  • Savings deposit
  • Bulk deposit
  • Mobile money deposit
  • Savings withdraw
  • Member withdraw requests and approvals
  • Printable transactional receipts
  • Transaction alerts (SMS & Emails)
  • Inter-account transfers
  • Banking account statements
  • Exportable reports to Excel, CSV, PDF
  • Joint & Group Accounts

Features of a savings module

Loan settings

  • Loan products & policies set up
  • Loan fees set up
  • Loan approval committee /users set up
  • Set up penalty rate
  • Set up loan provisioning rates
  • set up disbursment method (Cash, Savings Account, Mobile Money)
  • Collateral Types & Loan Documents Set UP

Loan application and approval

  • Loan calculator
  • Loan application - available for both admin & members area
  • Loan appraisal and approvals
  • Loan disbursement to savings account
  • Loan disbursement to cash
  • Loan disbursement to mobile money
  • Automated Loan repayment shedule generation
  • Printable disbursement sheet
  • Customize loan agreement and auto print for a disbursed loan
  • Loan collateral management
  • Loan guarantors management
  • Loan documents management system

Loan repayments and monitoring

  • Automated loan recovery from savings
  • Loan repayment forms
  • Auto flagging of loans in arrears & defaulters
  • Loan reminders (SMS & Emails)
  • Automated penalty application
  • Loan resheduling tool
  • Penalty payable adjustment tool

Loan Reports

  • Printable all loan details
  • Portfolion ageing report
  • General loan book
  • View Pending Due Loans
  • View Past Maturity Date Loans
  • View 1 Month Overdue Loans
  • View 3 Months Overdue Loans
  • Customize loan report by due days, credit officer, loan product, e.t.c

Loan Agreements

  • Upload Loan Agreement Template
  • Download Customized Loan Agreement for each loan
  • Share products creation
  • Share Accounts
  • Buy Shares
  • Refund shares
  • Transfer Shares
  • Automated share number calculation
  • Charts of accounts
  • General Journal Entry
  • Fiscal year
  • Dividends declaration
  • Sales management
  • Asset creation
  • Depreciation method declaration
  • Appreciation method declaration
  • Asset Income monitoring
  • Asset expenses monitoring
  • Depreciation reports
  • Appreciation reports

Performance reports

  • Periodic revenue repots (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • Financial returns
  • Cash register
  • Activity logs

Accounting reports

  • Trial Balance
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Performance comparision reports
  • Graphical Indicators

Loan reports

  • General Loan Book
  • Portfolio ageing repots
  • Pending Due Loans
  • Periodic Pending Due Loans
  • Customizable loan reports

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