Main Features

Now we are fast growing mobile app and Business as a Service (saas) service provider of the world. Check out little bit about us.

Loan and credit management

Will help you categorize your loans into products and each with its rules, Truck loans, auto SMS and email reminders, custom loan portfolio reports as you desire

Internet banking and mobile banking

Securely accessible online on any mobile device, data encrypted browsing and SSL certificate ensures no information leakage. A mobile application and SSD for mobile deposits and loan repayments

Shares management

Manage your share products, Enable the buying, Selling and Transfer of shares, Custm share reports

Accounting and Financing

Charts of accounts, double entry posting, Dividend declaration, fiscal year, transactions reversals, balance sheet, Income statement

Savings account managemnt

Create savings products, make deposits, bulk deposits, withdraw, lock amounts, Buy from savings, account statements, print receipts, SMS & Email alerts, generate and download reports

Assets management

Register assets and declare appreciation/depreciations formula, Truck expenses and income earned, generate reports

Why Efinanci ? is
Best for you

We ain’t just efinanci but a team dedicated to making sure you sit back and do the basics while we do the hard job in the background. We will help you track and generate automated savings accounts, Loan approval committees, Truck your loans and give you automated reports and reminders on due loans, operate and we generate for you all accounting statements, track you assets, easily declare and distribute dividends,  system logs and transactions reports and so much more.  contact us for a demo

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

We understand the security needs of our clients and that’s why we have secured system access by ensuring data encryption and secured browsing with an SSL certificate.

Inter branch connectivity

Inter branch connectivity

Manage all your branches in one place, save money while you monitor everything happening at your premises on your phone, tablet or computer

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Have your clients / memebers access statements anytime and track loans anytime

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